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Legal – Court Referral Psychosexual Evaluation


The Forensic Evaluation Program at Bevill and Associates LLC located in Birmingham, AL provides Legal – Court Referral Psychosexual Evaluations. These evaluations focuses on the individual’s sexual development, sexual history, paraphilia interests, sexual adjustment and recidivism risk level. The psychosexual evaluation includes a full social and family history, employment/school history, case formulation, and specific treatment recommendations.

The psychosexual evaluation is forensic in nature, which generally means that the subject may be non–voluntary and the referral stems from legal proceedings. In addition, a rather unique and critical component of the psychosexual evaluation is the detailed and thorough sexual history, which includes the exploration of sexual development, attitudes, fantasies, and adjustment. To enhance the reliability, comprehensiveness, and usefulness of psychosexual evaluations, multiple sources of data must be taken into account.

When conducting psychosexual evaluations, the evaluator will explore offense–related factors such as the frequency, range of sexually abusive behaviors, the targets of the sex offenses, the individual’s account of the offense, potential motivators, and any previously undetected sexually abusive behaviors. Also important to consider are the presence or absence of social supports, current living arrangements—particularly with respect to access to victims or potentially vulnerable persons—and the ability and willingness of other responsible adults within the home to provide adequate safeguards as necessary.

Generally speaking, psychosexual evaluations are designed to identify the following:

• Level of risk for sexual and non–sexual recidivism;

• Recommended types and intensity of interventions including level of care;

• Specific dynamic risk factors needs to be targeted through interventions;

A number of psychological and pyschosexual assessments may be administered during the evaluation these include:

Psychosexual Interview: The client is interviewed regarding their sexual history and family history as related to their current problem. Additional information will be gathered from court records and other sources as needed.

Psychological and Sexual History Questioner:  is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s sexual history. It is specifically created to assess male offenders and help evaluate the offender’s risk to others and his potential for rehabilitation by determining his specific sexual experiences. 

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory -2 (MMPI -2): Is a psychological test that assesses personality traits and psychopathology.

Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI-III): Is an instrument provides a measure of 24 personality disorders and clinical syndromes and assess  personality style and coping behaviors.

Wechster Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (WASI): Is a reliable measuring an individual’s intelligence, verbal, nonverbal, and general cognitive functioning

Multiaxial Diagnostic Inventory: This is a form that lists various problems and symptoms. You are asked to check any of these that apply to you.

Static-99R: Is a risk assessment used in determining the statistical probability that an offender will commit another sexual offense.

Multiphasic Sex Inventory II : Is designed to measure the sexual characteristics of an adult male alleged to have committed a sex offense or sexual misconduct and can be used both to do a sex deviance evaluation and also to measure treatment progress.

The ABEL Assessment for Sexual Interest:  is an instrument used to measure sexual interest. The ABEL is a non-invasive computerized test that takes about 2 hours to complete. This instrument will assist in determining various treatment issues including:

    1. Separating those who have no interest in children from those who deny interest.
    1. Dangerousness (sadistic interest in violence vs. opportunistic offending).
    1. Violence to children
  1. Arousal to children

Polygraph Examination

An essential part of the psychosexual evaluation is a sexual history polygraph examination. This is intended to corroborate the client’s self-report of their history of sexual and offense behavior in the past.

All evaluations and assessments* are administered by Al Bevill, M.S, LPC, NCC, CCFC. Al is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Clinical Forensic Counselor certified through the National  Association of Forensic Counselors .

* Polygraph Examination is administered by a License – Certified Polygraph Examiner

The Forensic Counseling Services referral form

This form provides an online version of our standard referral form that you can download and print when referring patients to us.

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